HZ University of Applied Sciences (NL)

Partner description

HZ University Of Applied Sciences has around 4,900 students divided over four study years and 23 bachelor degree programmes, eight of which are taught in English. A great deal of practical research is conducted at HZ. Questions from professional business practices are central focus points during this type of research. Issues are examined by lecturers, teacher researchers, business professionals and students. Any knowledge acquired from the research will result in new insights, which can lead to innovations and even new products for the work field.  

You can find more info on the HZ University of Applied Sciences on their website.

Role in PECS
In PECS, HZ University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge partner, providing technological insight and assistance to pilot partners in the project. Specific knowledge concerns: 1) Renewable Electricity production options (solar, wind, water, green gas), 2) Storage options (electricity) and 3) Energy saving options. HZ cooperates with partners in the development of tools, benchmarking, feasibility verification studies, testing & monitoring. In addition HZ coordinates work package 2 relating to 1) feasibility verification studies (general template, specific pilots) and 2) testing and monitoring specific pilots.

Presentation of HZ University of Applied Sciences at the PECS Opening Conference in Southampton, dd. 29-01-2018: download