Omgevingsdienst IJmond - LEM-platform

The investment in IT-systems and supporting technology for the develepmont of a Local Energy Market (LEM) platform to enable flexible renewable energy distribution

What & Why

The significant increase of local renewable energy sources (e.g. wind turbines and photovoltaics) that have been implemented according to the Strategic Energy Plan will have a more pressing impact on the quality and reliability of the electricity grid.
The reason for this is that their output varies according to the availability of the resource. Where conventional power plants have the ability to provide power balancing services this is not the case with renewables.

Activation of a flexible energy system, that is able to respond reliably and instantly to (large) fluctuations in supply and demand, could be an appropriate solution while, at the same time, avoiding expensive physical network upgrades.

To this extent a local energy market software platform will be developed. This LEM-platform is designed for the flexible distribution (based on demand and generation) of local renewable energy. In this way, renewable energy is generated and managed nearby the point of demand in the port of IJmond.​​


Omgevingsdienst IJmond (ODIJ) will contribute to the development and enhancing of the various audit tools that the knowledge partners will develop. They realise this by testing existing audit tools in the project area developed by the Dutch research institute TNO.

Another part of the project where ODIJ will contribute in is setting up an energy cooperation structure in the port area.

The project area covers the business areas in the ports of municipality Beverwijk and Velsen and will be done in close cooperation with the local businesses. The Interreg project wil specifically contribute to the project  Kagerweg Energiepositief .
A pilot will be conducted in order to validate the, local energy market principles. The main purpose of this market is to stimulate the consumption of locally generated energy by local end users, herewith stimulating self consumption and minimizing the network
investments needed to facilitate the integration of renewables on business parks.

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