Blue Power Synergy (BE)

Partner description

Blue Power Synergy is a company founded by several industrials to develop and commercialize affordable clean energy production and storage systems.  Today’s products mainly focus on (low) wind and solar production, and in thermal storage. Currently the units are small scale 25-50KWh units, but larger models will be made in the future.

Role in PECS

Blue Power Synergy is a technology developer and tester. They will build and test a 24 meters long pontoon equipped with wind and solar production. A 250KWh storage is to be incorporated into this system.  This installation will be tested in Oostende (B) and in Hellevoetsluis (NL) over the project period. 

​Presentations of BPS at the PECS Opening Conference in Southampton, dd. 29-01-2018: download1 - download2